Jennifer Ellis is co-chair of the RLG for another year. The first meeting of the new year is next week on Monday September 18th from 5:30-7:00 at 440 Cambie Street (McCrae Law) to talk about the IRB’s new SOGIE Guidelines.

In May 2017, Chairperson’s Guideline 9: Proceedings Before the IRB Involving Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression (“the SOGIE Guidelines”) were implemented. This is a training session with Dr. Sharalyn Jordan on how to effectively use the Guidelines when preparing refugee claims and representing claimants at the RPD.

Dr. Sharalyn Jordan works closely with community agencies that support LGBTQ and refugee mental health as they develop and assess their counseling practices and programs. This past summer, Sharalyn was contracted by the IRB to train all sitting members on the new SOGIE Guidelines. Sharalyn is also an assistant professor at Simon Fraser University, Faculty of Education. As a scholar-practitioner and education in Counselling Psychology, Sharalyn works at the nexus of mental health and social justice.