Following the immigration arrests at the Vancouver racetrack, Peter Edelmann was interviewed by the Toronto Star about workplace immigration raids in Canada.… Read More

Will Tao attended a dialogue on racism and hate hosted by Parliamentary Secretary Ravi Kahlon on July 31, 2019. This dialogue was between South Asian community leaders and organizations about the realities of racism and hate in the community.… Read More

In this podcast, Molly Joeck and Erica Olmstead discuss whether immigration detainees have access to habeas corpus, as argued in Chhina in front of the Supreme Court of Canada.… Read More

On May 13, 2019 Molly Joeck presented Unearthing the legal foundations of the immigration detention regime in Canada at a workshop organized by the University of Toronto entitled Detention practices, criminalization of migrants and border control in Canada … Read More

CCR’s media release:   Supreme Court confirms right to challenge unlawful immigration detention through habeas corpus The Canadian Council for Refugees (CCR) welcomes the Supreme Court of Canada’s decision in the Chhina case which confirms that immigration detainees may challenge the lawfulness of their detention through habeas corpus. The Court’s decision strengthens protection in Canada of… Read More

Will Tao co-authored At the Intersection: A Conversation with Three Lawyers about Legal Practice, Purpose and Their Pursuit of Passion, an article that appeared in journal “The Advocate” in May 2019.… Read More