Une enquête remontant à 2012 a permis de démanteler une vaste fraude à l’immigration au Canada. Trois anciennes employées d’une agence spécialisée dans en immigration ont écopé de peines allant jusqu’à 18 mois de prison et de lourdes amendes pour leur rôle dans des fraudes destinées à faciliter l’obtention du statut de résident permanent au… Read More

Erica Olmstead and Peter Edelmann have just been granted leave to appear at the SCC on Wing Wha Wong v. Her Majesty The Queen.  They aim to clarify what the test is to withdraw a guilty plea i.e. whether or not understanding collateral immigration consequences renders the plea invalid.… Read More

Peter Edelmann was a guest on this open-line show this morning discussing the current refugee situation of British Columbia.… Read More

Peter spoke about the current refugee situation in BC on the French language Radio Canada’s morning show Phare ouest: Le nombre de demandeurs d’asile est même plus élevé en Colombie-Britannique qu’au Manitoba, où les réfugiés ont attiré l’attention de médias, de l’ONU, d’Amnistie internationale et de la classe politique. La journaliste Caroline Morneau s’est entretenue… Read More

Peter Edelmann was on the Early Edition with Rick Cluff this morning regarding Canada’s refugee process.… Read More

Peter Edelmann was quoted regarding Canadian extradition practices in the article More U.S. Citizens are Seeking Refuge in Canada  that appeared in USA Today.… Read More

Peter Edelmann did a French interview on Radio Canada regarding the deportation of a life-long Canadian permanent resident.… Read More

Peter Edelmann is interviewed by Ian Milgew of the Vancouver Sun for his article Trump’s immigration chaos is keeping border lawyers busy.… Read More

In this fourteenth Borderline episode we discuss how to overcome systemic barriers in LGBTQ asylum claims.  Much of this episode is dedicated to establishing how LGBTQ asylum claimants must prove their sexual identity during their refugee claim.  How does someone from a country where being gay is illegal and who has been a closeted homosexual… Read More